The filming of ‘Take it Back’ – The Qemists and Enter Shikari

Behind the scenes at the Official video for The Qemists’ “Take It Back” Feat. Enter Shikari. See the finished video here :

As you can see, the destruction in the video is real (with the help of a little sugar glass – we couldn’t risk maiming the UK’s hottest rock band!) – a whole shopping mall was the venue at the mercy of two bands rock and roll tendencies!

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Take It Back is released worldwide April 4th. Listen now in iTunes
Includes the awesome DnB remix by The Prototypes, and The Qemists dubstep VIPs.

A quote from The Qemists’ Leon H about how the track was made:
“The recording process began with us sending a few beats and synth hooks to the Shikari boys to think about. Rou and Rory locked into the synth hook which became the breakdown of the track, and travelled to Brighton to start the writing process. Rory laid down chords over a beat which was created in the studio using parts from The Qemists remix of ‘Shikari’s No Sleep Tonight. While we cut the chords about to create the buildup, Rou worked on the lyrics and in no time had laid down an awesome vocal. We tried to include as much bass guitar and live drums as possible, and tried produce the track in a way that all of Enter Shikari could get into. Liam [of The Qemists] laid down the rest of the guitar hooks and we created a more DnB influenced track, almost like creating a remix. It really came out sounding like a collaboration between the two bands”